The Beginning

We at “say WHAT?” have enjoyed years of play in the ‘Cards Against’ genre, all starting back as small children where we play Mad Libs. The key difference being, we enjoyed playing with others.

Cards against Humanity took Mad Libs concept and gave it a much needed upgrade, where even the less witty among us can craft unbelievably funny senescence with ease. For a while all was good, but sadly we have grown up, and we see our friends less and less, our once daily game has changed to weekly, monthly, and now even its – “Next time i see you”.

The End

The first time i herd that from my friends i vowed to change it all.

So i present to you the next evolution in Mad Libs / Cards Against, we called it “say WHAT?”.
An online multiplayer game that is ever changing and ever growing, and mostly on the go.

A Poem

Taking a page from Dr. Seuss:
I would play Here or There
I would play Anywhere
I would play on a Boat
Or with a Goat
In the park or at the Zoo
I just want to play with You

So come play with me and many more.


Best Friends


Cards (And Growing…)




Hours to Waste